Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love, marriage, and wedding blogs

I am very much in love, and not just because I got these for Valentine's Day.  MHM and I have an apartment, a car, two cats, and a Saarinen table between us.  We're trying to buy a house.  So why, both sets of parents ask, can't we just put a ring on it?*

The real answer is long and involved and political and makes me sound obnoxiously self-righteous (not allowing teh gayz makes the institution of marriage kind of worthless and unnecessary in my opinion, and I don't want in until everyone gets in), so I generally just laugh it off with "Marriage is a tool of the patriarchy"** and move on.

But I do enjoy the wedding blogs.  Sometimes seriously (I like pretty things!  Leave me alone, cool ironic me-at-23!), sometimes just for the writing (it seems like wedding blogging is a gateway drug to really interesting writing for lots of smart young women out there), and sometimes because of gems like this:
It’s so funny how you can always look back and see exactly why things turn out the way they do. Todd and I met eight years ago when I walked into his Chiropractic office after I was in a car accident. The moment I got my first glimpse of him, it was all over! That moment took my breath away. I continued to come in as a patient, always coming in right before lunch in hopes he would ask me to join…he never did! A few years (and two more car accidents) went by and we finally got together! We were engaged 2 years after that! (Haven’t had a car accident since…coincidence, I think not!) – the bride

Because every now and then, it's nice to be reminded that while I may be crazy, at least I did not get in car accidents in order to nail my manfriend.  

*Direct quote.  From my mother.  At a funeral so I couldn't talk back.
**This doesn't really work.  But I try it anyways.

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