Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been glued to al Jazeera the past few days, in part because it's my job but mostly because of this:
12:35pm: Our correspondent in Alexandria says tens of thousands of people have gathered in the centre of Alexandria. He says Christians and others not performing Friday prayers have formed a "human chain" around those praying to protect them from any potential disruptions.
I am a pretty solid athiest, in part because religion is often such a destructive, divisive force, an easy excuse for power-hungry men to justify control of women, property, and lives.  But it is awe-inspiring to see everyday people take religion into their own hands, and say "I will protect you, because we are all in this together."

(I have more to say about democracy and human nature but I think I should wait until my warm glow has worn off lest I embarass myself.)

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