Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you, CNNi

The one constant in my life when I'm traveling is CNN international. Are you in a horrible town where alcohol is illegal and everyone assumes you're a hooker if you try to sit at the juice bar? Fear not! Someone will still talk to you, and by 'someone', I mean the television. Sometimes I branch out (MTV en francais! Terrible B-movies dubbed into Arabic!), but I always end up back at CNNi.

The joy of CNNi is that it's aimed AT ME: your typical lonely American business traveler. As such, the advertising is always the same: middle eastern airlines, investment opportunities in former Yugoslav states, and Nigerian banks. I have my favorites amongst these ads (I DO want to experience WILD BEAUTY in Montenegro! And I would totally fly Emirates if only they were Sky Team!), but the ad above makes my day EVERY TIME I see it. I WANT THAT TATTOO. Also the coat. And the car. And the massage. And I'd like it if that song played where ever I went.

Someday I will be rich and Scandinavian and I will LIVE IN THAT AD. Or, you know, just buy the magazine.

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